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Twinkle Toes Daycare
Mon - Fri 7:00am - 6:00pm
25462 Hopton House Terrace Chantilly VA 20152 

Dear Parent,
          I would like to welcome you to my daycare. A little about myself; since I was a young girl at Newtown High School in New York, I wanted to be a caregiver and help others. For more than 16 years, I have been working in the caring profession from Vienna, Austria to Virginia. I finished my Nursing studies of 3 years and graduated in Vienna and have continued my work since by working with and taking care of people of all ages including children, adults and even seniors. 

I have worked in a day-care for 18-months. Child care is a very challenging and demanding career, however the rewards are amazing, and I am ready to embark on this journey with you. Caring for children has always been a desire of mine and as a mother I am sensitive to the difficulties of leaving your child in the care of someone else, but I promise to earn your trust to the best of my ability.

My husband and I have decided to team up and share our mutual passion of love, care, and consideration for children in opening up our own family daycare to satisfy our passion of serving the children and parents of our growing community. I’m excited to share my experience and knowledge with the children under our care.

I truly believe that in a daycare, the needs of the child are most important, and that there should be open times of communication between the parent and caregiver. I promise, as your provider, to give the best possible care for your child(ren) and I hope that you will be willing to work with me if challenges or concerns arise. Individual attention will be given to each child daily. I will let the parents know of any problems or concerns I may have and will ensure the child is picked up at the end of the day by the appropriate person.

I am licensed and registered with the Virginia Department of Social Services. My home is in compliance with all state rules and regulations. It is my hope that we will be able to work together for the best interest of your child. I am always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your child's care. Any helpful suggestions about dealing with your child are welcomed.

We understand that you trust us to care for your child, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We look forward to the opportunity. Welcome to Twinkle Toes Home Daycare!

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