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Twinkle Toes Daycare
Mon - Fri 7:00am - 6:00pm
25462 Hopton House Terrace Chantilly VA 20152 

All children are artists...

Our Daily Schedule and Activities:

Age appropriate activities are scheduled with flexibility allowed to respond to the needs of the individual child and day.
We will offer times for outside play, crafts, stores, instruction, and naps appropriate to the child's age, interests, and abilities. The children under our care receive lots of free-play and structured-play throughout the day.

A typical day at Twinkle Toes Home Daycare :

07:00am - 07:30am
Greetings, Arrival & Free Play
07:30am - 08:30am
Hand washing & breakfast
08:30am - 09:30am
Art, Craft Activities & Group Playing to Develop Social Skills
09:30am - 10:00am
Circle Time
10:00am - 10:15 
Morning snack
10:15am - 10:45am
Computer Time (writing, reading, math, Colors Game, Numbers Game, Shapes Game) & various learning games
10:45am - 11:45am
Outdoor / Indoor Play (depends on the weather)
11:45am - 12:00pm
Hand Washing and getting ready for lunch
12noon  -   01:00pm
01:00pm - 03:00pm
Nap time/ Quiet Time
03:00pm - 04:00pm
Bathroom,  Hand washing and Snack
04:00pm - 04:30pm
Story time/Discussion
04:30pm - 05:30pm
Free Play and or/ structured play, puzzles, books, various learning toys
05:30pm - 06:00pm
Clean-up & Dismissal

Note: Our Daily Schedules are flexible and subject to change based on weather & extra curriculum.
Fridays are always kids fun day (movie, pizza, popcorn and kids favorite drink)

Our home daycare offers a free-of-charge parent night once a month from 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm
(kids need to be dropped off in their pajamas).

(571) 349-3164